All about chemistry

 Chemistry is a physical science in which we study about discovery, occurrence, structure, composition, and properties of matter and contribution of that matter into the world. The science of chemistry was being studied since the era of Jabir-bin-Haiyan, who wrote “Alchemy” and is known as the father of chemistry. Since then we are being blessed with a lot of wonders of chemistry daily. Many people found chemistry as a difficult and boring subject but in actual chemistry is a fun-loving science if we give it a try. Chemistry plays a keen role in our lives and the environment. Everything in this universe is made up of atoms and chemical substances even the cosmetics we use have their own chemistry. In my blog, I will share my knowledge about chemistry and the interesting facts about chemistry that we encounter daily. You will get to know about the chemistry you uses at homes, offices and other places and the topics about which you will love to know.


2 thoughts on “All about chemistry

  1. Loved this article on soft drinks. I totally agree, regular soft drinks are so bad for your health. Thank you for the healthy alternatives!


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