Soft drinks which are not really soft

A soft drink which is soft by name but is very hard by its characteristics and effects. Soft drinks are composed of carbon dioxide dissolved in water, a sweetener and artificial flavors. Popular soft drinks include coca cola, Marinda, Pepsi e.t.c.


Soft drinks are made by dissolving different ingredients in carbonated water. They can be made in homes or factories. Some major producers of soft drinks are coca cola and Pepsi companies. The sweetener can be sugar or sucrose. Ingredients can be added in dry, fresh or syrup form.  Alcohol is also present in soft drinks in less amount. Some soft drinks can have more amounts of alcohol.  Soft drinks may also contain caffeine.

We love drinking soft drinks and ignore their adverse effects on our health. One of the major health problem caused by soft drinks is obesity. Due to sweet contents and carbon dioxide, soft drinks leads to obesity and weight problems and noticeable changes can occur in weight by changes in a number of soft drinks consumed. Doctors suggest avoiding soft drinks consumption to obsessed people.

Soft drinks also cause dental problems due to the presence of sweetener and carbon dioxide in them. They cause cavities in teeth.  Soft drinks also increase potassium levels in our body. the increased potassium level in the body is called hypokalemia.

Strict precautions should be taken to avoid soft drinks. high prices should be set for the soft drinks. Bans should be applied on soft drinks. At the end, I want to say that excess of everything is harmful and we should consume the soft drink in minimum quantity.


17 thoughts on “Soft drinks which are not really soft

  1. Coca Cola is good once in a while! I try to avoid it as mush as I can. I hate when I go somewhere with my children and soft drinks are the only option they have for kids beverages…


  2. We don’t keep soft drinks in the house. My girls and I don’t drink them, and my guy only drinks them occasionally. I definitely wouldn’t support a ban on them, but agree that we should do more to educate others about what is actually in soft drinks and why they should be consumed in moderation, as opposed to “with every single meal”.


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